Group selected checkbox item

Jul 22, 2011 at 10:13 AM

On this demo, the Characters can be filtered by the selected Shows. Is it possible to group the Characters by Shows? See example below where the selected shows are Friends and Ocean's 11. (Please ignore the UI formatting as I have copied it from the demo site to here).


  • <input id="aeShows2" name="Shows" type="checkbox" value="5" /><label for="aeShows2">Friends</label>
  • <input id="aeShows3" name="Shows" type="checkbox" value="4" /><label for="aeShows3">Ocean's 11</label>
  • Friends
  • <input id="aeCharacters0" name="Characters" type="checkbox" value="30" /><label for="aeCharacters0">Phoebe Buffay</label>
  • <input id="aeCharacters1" name="Characters" type="checkbox" value="29" /><label for="aeCharacters1">Joey Tribiani</label>
  • <input id="aeCharacters2" name="Characters" type="checkbox" value="28" /><label for="aeCharacters2">Monica Geller</label>
  • <input id="aeCharacters3" name="Characters" type="checkbox" value="27" /><label for="aeCharacters3">Dr. Ross Geller</label>
  • <input id="aeCharacters4" name="Characters" type="checkbox" value="26" /><label for="aeCharacters4">Rachel Green</label>
  • <input id="aeCharacters5" name="Characters" type="checkbox" value="25" /><label for="aeCharacters5">Chandler Bing</label>
  • Ocean's 11
  • <input id="aeCharacters6" name="Characters" type="checkbox" value="9" /><label for="aeCharacters6">Livingston Dell</label>
  • <input id="aeCharacters7" name="Characters" type="checkbox" value="8" /><label for="aeCharacters7">Linus Caldwell</label>
  • <input id="aeCharacters8" name="Characters" type="checkbox" value="1" /><label for="aeCharacters8">Danny Ocean</label>
Jul 22, 2011 at 10:20 AM

noup, not out of the box, although if you really need this you could attach a function to the change event of the checkboxlist container (ul) and from the server send some additional content besides the Name so that you could use is for grouping, like Danny Ocean <span style="display:none">Ocean's11</span>, probably something like this could work (just a thought)

Jul 22, 2011 at 2:47 PM

Ok thanks for the reply, I'll try that.