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Released: Nov 19, 2014
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Release Notes

version 4.5
- tree grid

- grid nesting

- grid responsive layout

- grid flexible resizable columns

- grid api.select

- grid api.update

- grid api.renderRow

- grid api.persist

- grid api.render

- tree grid nodes lazy loading

- api.load, api.update returns jqxhr

- changed parameters order, oparams, params, parents, parameters, parameterFunc, the later overrides others with the same name ( unless it's a collection type )

- grid .Load(bool) extension, autload grid on document ready, (default true)

- grid ColumnWidth extension used to set min width to columns with unassigned width, Settings.Grid.ColumnWidth, Column.MinWidth

- grid ColumnsPersistence grid extension for persisting columns definition changes

- ajaxlist aweload and awebeginload events

- multilookup display value can be changed/updated from js by triggering change

- disable lookup and multilookup popup open while getitems is loading

- lookup click on selected row unselect it

- grid grouping on touchscreen

- grid datetime group header value use shortdate format by default

- grid handle no results on current page on server side

- GridModelBuilder.DefaultKeySort

- grid .ClientKey(string) extension

- client data loading using .DataFunc extension for AjaxCheckboxList, AjaxDropdown, AjaxRadioList

- get grid configuration using .data("o")

- grid added Column.FooterClientFormat

- improved css themes

- fix popup position for jQueryUI 1.11

- fix datepicker trigger change on select

- fix view persistence separate for different grids with same PersistenceKey

version 4.0
- added InitPopup, InitPopupForm helpers, open initialized popups using awe.open(name, params)

- added Tag or Tags for all helpers, usable in mod code

- added popup aweclose, aweresize events

- popups have api accessible via .data('api'), with methods open, close and destroy

- all popups have .awe-popup class

- popups can be grouped using .Group(string), only 1 popup in the same group can exist at the same time

- added awebeginload event for grid, ajaxdropdown, ajaxradiolist and ajaxcheckboxlist

- datepicker won't focus it's textbox when clicking it's open button

- modding for ajaxradiolist, ajaxcheckboxlist

- css improvements, easier integration with bootstrap

- added prefix awe1_ to all persistence keys, can be changed by changing awe.ppk

- added ParameterFunc to grid, ajaxlist

- parent binding improvements

- popupform execute success function first and close after, success function has the popup as a parameter and can use the api to close it earlier

- strongly typed parentId generation same as for id

- bootstrap popup mod

- inline popup mod

- context object first parameter of awe.err

- fixed datepicker client validation

version 3.5.3
- support for mvc5

version 3.5.2
- fix for setting single value to multivalue controls

- datepicker min max date offset fix

- html encoding for keys fix

- enable Column.ClientFormatFunc to be a function call that will return a function

version 3.5.1

- fixed html attributes rendering

- fixed loading animation rendering

- css improvements

version 3.5

- autosize for all popups ( can be turned off by calling in js awe.autoSize = false )

- added Parent, Paremeter extensions to Popup and PopupForm helpers

- trigger aweload event on load of Grid, AjaxDropdown, AjaxRadioList, AjaxCheckboxList, Lookup, MultiLookup

- Client Side API for the AjaxDropdown, CheckboxList, AjaxRadioList

- oparams for all apis (one time params, params are persisted for subsequent calls)

- Grid selection: Multiselect, Singleselect, Multicheck

- Grid RTL support

- Grid row model can be obtained by calling $('row selector').data('model')

- new grid api calls: get last request, last result

- Grid columns definition can be changed by setting the GridModel.Columns or GridParams.Columns before passing gridParmas to the GridModelbuilder

- SendColumns grid extension will set the columns definition in the GridParams

- added Order property to the column

- Numeric extension for the autocomplete

- added HtmlAttributes(IDictionary<string,object>) extension to all helpers with HtmlAttributes(object) extension

- underscores from html attributes names specified using the HtmlAttributes(object) are converted to dash

- new datepicker extensions: MinDate, MaxDate, default date, isRtl

version 3.0
- added Grid helper

- added textbox helper

- added Client Side API for AjaxList

- removed .SearchButton from AjaxList

- AjaxForm and Confirm helpers have been merged into the Form helper

- optimized html output for AjaxDropdown, AjaxList, Autocomplete

- added XML Documentation

going from 2.0 to 3.0

to change from AjaxForm to Form you just have to replace Html.Awe().AjaxForm to Hmtl.Awe().Form


Html.Confirm can be replaced with Html.Form

so instead of:


<form ...>
<input type="submit" value="submit" class="myconfirm"/>

you do:


(by default the form will be submited via ajax, if you don't need that add .UseAjax(false))

<form ... class="myconfirm">
<input type="submit" value="submit"/>


AjaxList's 2.0 .SearchButton(string) was setting the id of a button that will trigger the AjaxList to search,
with 3.0 you can trigger the search with the client side api by doing $('#ajaxListId').data('api').load();

or you may not need a search button at all, because changing a parent element will trigger search on the ajaxlist, you can disable the automatic triggering of search when changing the value of a parent element by calling .LoadOnParentChange(false)

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