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Released: Jul 17, 2015
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Release Notes

version 4.7.3
- added RenderPartialView Controller extension

- css improvements and fixes

- added Column.Tag property

- added Grid.Tag extension

- added Column.Bind property (rename for Name)

- fixed grid sort api, sort parameters order

version 4.7
- lookup and multilookup open button toggle

- added Mod extensions for AjaxRadioList, AjaxCheckboxList, Grid

- added BeginContext helper

- Removed aweready event, change is triggered if on load value has changed

- added Load extension for AjaxDropdown, AjaxRadioList, AjaxCheckboxList

- Grid frozen row

- added TimePicker helper

- added aweopen popup event

- AjaxRadioList, AjaxCheckboxList and AjaxDropdown can use KeyContent instead of SelectableItem

version 4.5
- tree grid

- grid nesting

- grid responsive layout

- grid flexible resizable columns

- grid api.select

- grid api.update

- grid api.renderRow

- grid api.persist

- grid api.render

- tree grid nodes lazy loading

- api.load, api.update returns jqxhr

- changed parameters order, oparams, params, parents, parameters, parameterFunc, the later overrides others with the same name ( unless it's a collection type )

- grid .Load(bool) extension, autload grid on document ready, (default true)

- grid ColumnWidth extension used to set min width to columns with unassigned width, Settings.Grid.ColumnWidth, Column.MinWidth

- grid ColumnsPersistence grid extension for persisting columns definition changes

- ajaxlist aweload and awebeginload events

- multilookup display value can be changed/updated from js by triggering change

- disable lookup and multilookup popup open while getitems is loading

- lookup click on selected row unselect it

- grid grouping on touchscreen

- grid datetime group header value use shortdate format by default

- grid handle no results on current page on server side

- GridModelBuilder.DefaultKeySort

- grid .ClientKey(string) extension

- client data loading using .DataFunc extension for AjaxCheckboxList, AjaxDropdown, AjaxRadioList

- get grid configuration using .data("o")

- grid added Column.FooterClientFormat

- improved css themes

- fix popup position for jQueryUI 1.11

- fix datepicker trigger change on select

- fix view persistence separate for different grids with same PersistenceKey

version 4.0
- added InitPopup, InitPopupForm helpers, open initialized popups using awe.open(name, params)

- added Tag or Tags for all helpers, usable in mod code

- added popup aweclose, aweresize events

- popups have api accessible via .data('api'), with methods open, close and destroy

- all popups have .awe-popup class

- popups can be grouped using .Group(string), only 1 popup in the same group can exist at the same time

- added awebeginload event for grid, ajaxdropdown, ajaxradiolist and ajaxcheckboxlist

- datepicker won't focus it's textbox when clicking it's open button

- modding for ajaxradiolist, ajaxcheckboxlist

- css improvements, easier integration with bootstrap

- added prefix awe1_ to all persistence keys, can be changed by changing awe.ppk

- added ParameterFunc to grid, ajaxlist

- parent binding improvements

- popupform execute success function first and close after, success function has the popup as a parameter and can use the api to close it earlier

- strongly typed parentId generation same as for id

- bootstrap popup mod

- inline popup mod

- context object first parameter of awe.err

- fixed datepicker client validation

version 3.5.3
- support for mvc5

version 3.5.2
- fix for setting single value to multivalue controls

- datepicker min max date offset fix

- html encoding for keys fix

- enable Column.ClientFormatFunc to be a function call that will return a function

version 3.5.1

- fixed html attributes rendering

- fixed loading animation rendering

- css improvements

version 3.5

- autosize for all popups ( can be turned off by calling in js awe.autoSize = false )

- added Parent, Paremeter extensions to Popup and PopupForm helpers

- trigger aweload event on load of Grid, AjaxDropdown, AjaxRadioList, AjaxCheckboxList, Lookup, MultiLookup

- Client Side API for the AjaxDropdown, CheckboxList, AjaxRadioList

- oparams for all apis (one time params, params are persisted for subsequent calls)

- Grid selection: Multiselect, Singleselect, Multicheck

- Grid RTL support

- Grid row model can be obtained by calling $('row selector').data('model')

- new grid api calls: get last request, last result

- Grid columns definition can be changed by setting the GridModel.Columns or GridParams.Columns before passing gridParmas to the GridModelbuilder

- SendColumns grid extension will set the columns definition in the GridParams

- added Order property to the column

- Numeric extension for the autocomplete

- added HtmlAttributes(IDictionary<string,object>) extension to all helpers with HtmlAttributes(object) extension

- underscores from html attributes names specified using the HtmlAttributes(object) are converted to dash

- new datepicker extensions: MinDate, MaxDate, default date, isRtl

version 3.0
- added Grid helper

- added textbox helper

- added Client Side API for AjaxList

- removed .SearchButton from AjaxList

- AjaxForm and Confirm helpers have been merged into the Form helper

- optimized html output for AjaxDropdown, AjaxList, Autocomplete

- added XML Documentation

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