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you can change the default values for the helpers by calling something like this:

Settings.Confirm.NoText = "No";
Settings.Confirm.Width = 700;
Settings.PopupForm.OkText = "Save";
Settings.Lookup.ClearButton = true;
Settings.Lookup.Interactive = true;
(usually you would call this in the Bootstrapper / Application_Start)

Translating default texts

you can assign a function to Settings.GetText, this function will receive 2 parameters and must return a string:
Settings.GetText = GetTranslate;
        private static string GetTranslate(string type, string key)
            // this is without translation
            if (type == "Confirm" && key == "Title") return " please confirm";
            if (type == "PopupForm" && key == "Title") return " please select";

            //translation, Mui is a resource files
            switch (key)
                case "Cancel": return Mui.Cancel;
                case "Yes": return Mui.Yes;
                case "No": return Mui.No;
                case "More": return Mui.more;
            return null;

you can also look at which uses awesome and does translation of the default button's texts

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